Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slips and falls can result in serious – even permanent – injury. If you’ve suffered bodily damage after a slip or fall, it’s important to know whether the property owner was negligent. You may be entitled to compensation if the owner(s) was at fault, but it can be tricky determining negligence. You need to speak with a Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer.

A property owner is required to properly maintain and manage their property to avoid injuries. For example, if you fall in a stairwell because a light was out and there was poor visibility, the owner could be liable if they knew of the situation and did nothing to rectify it. If the lightbulb went out just before you entered the stairwell, however, the owner wouldn’t be at fault because he/she hadn’t had time to replace the bulb.

A trivial defect, such as a hazardous condition like a sidewalk raised more than two inches that caused a person to fall, can also be considered owner negligence. But if the condition was new and the owner was unaware of it, he or she likely wouldn’t be considered at fault.

There are also temporary conditions. Say, you slip in liquid in a grocery store. If the condition had been present for some time, the owner is probably legally liable. But, if you slipped immediately after a customer dropped a jar that caused the spill, the owner wouldn’t have had time to clean it up and therefore isn’t liable.

The Law Offices of Burg & Brock are experienced in personal injury and wrongful death cases. It’s important that if you experience a slip or fall, you hire a lawyer who understands the ins-and-outs of slip and fall cases. Our firm’s founder, Cameron Brock, has a long-standing reputation as a successful slip and fall lawyer, having won verdicts and settlements worth more than $200 million for his clients. A firm like Burg & Brock has the resources, knowledge and skills to help you get the justice you deserve while working on a contingency fee basis.

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