Product Liability Lawyer

The manufacturer or seller of a product may still be liable for an injury stemming from the use of their product even if they did nothing wrong or out of the ordinary while making or selling it. If the product itself is inherently dangerous, the manufacturer may still be liable for the injury. This is called "strict liability." To put it in simpler terms, you have a right to sue a company because you were hurt while using their product, even if there was nothing wrong with it, strictly speaking.

We will use an injury caused by a steel can as an example of strict liability. Let's say you open a can of vegetables and get a bad cut from the jagged lid. This injury would not necessarily be due to a poorly manufactured can or a faulty can opener, but the manufacturer of the can or the opener, or even both, could still be liable for the injury.

There are exceptions to strict liability. If federal regulations dictate how a product must be manufactured, and the manufacturer adheres to those guidelines, the manufacturer may be protected from a lawsuit over the failure of that product. A suit may not be pursued over an injury caused by misuse of some products.

An effective product liability lawyer is obviously necessary when you are injured. Cameron Brock, the founder of the Law Offices of Burg and Brock, has a reputation as a relentless product liability attorney. Our firm has a staggering 98 percent success rate, and we have won over $200 million for some 10,000 clients since we opened our doors in 1996. We will be honest with you about your case, and we are so confident that we will win for you that we will we do not charge a penny until there is a successful legal judgment or settlement in your favor.

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