Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites are a serious matter. Aside from having to live through the attack and the subsequent trauma, victims of dog bites often endure infections and even disease caused by the bite.

California has enacted laws meant to protect the public from dog bites. Dog owners in the state are compelled to maintain control of the animal at all times. Generally, this means keeping the dog restrained behind a fence or on a chain or leash.

Under California law, dog owners are totally responsible for bites suffered by people who are bitten while legally on the dog owner's private property, even if the victim was not specifically invited onto the property. This is a concept known as "strict liability." The owner is liable for any medical bills, emotional trauma and other damages stemming from the attack. Most homeowner's insurance policies usually cover damages caused by animal bites, but the owner is still responsible if there is no policy in place.

Some costs typically incurred by victims of dog bites include emergency medical bills, psychological trauma counseling, other medical care and lost wages. Victims are also usually entitled to monetary compensation for pain and suffering.

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